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Music Examinations Manager  (version 24.01.15)
for The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Syllabus 2015


Complements on-line entries at

Drag 'n' drop to make your timetable - now with flexible breaks (see video)

Download results and merge, with full analysis

Automatically build an examination history for each student

Many schools and music trusts, centres, services nationwide and abroad* have used this software to download data entered on the AB entries web pages, and use it in their Centre to construct timetables, charges, statistics and so on. It also replaces handwritten entry forms if you prefer to use those.

It's much more than an entries' program though. It simplifies entries, prevents errors, saves time and performs many 'household' tasks necessary in the organisation of the Board's examinations within a music department or centre.

It caters for Preparatory to Grade 8, Theory and Practical, producing printed entry sheets accepted by the Board, but since most centres now use the Board's on-line entry system, it produces all the paperwork you need to run your Centre without having to re-enter data.

You can construct your timetable by 'dragging and dropping' candidate names to make the order you want. The correct times are recalculated, taking into account extra time where required. Mid-session breaks are now flexible, and session starts and ends can be different for each day. You can only get a certain accompanist on a Tuesday after 3.30? No problem - move the candidate and everyone else moves to oblige!

The features for 2015 are compatible with the Board's entry and results pages and allow candidate profiles of music examinations to be built - a valuable resource for reports, references and applications.

Each year's software contains the latest Regulations and Fees from the Board, so changes are automatically catered for without your having to do anything except enter candidates' details.

* The Board's specific agreement is necessary for use outside UK.



What will it do for my department?

• Automatic link to AB web site to download data already entered.
• Makes approved paper entries if you prefer.
• Drag ‘n’ drop timetabling with correct time allowances for special needs and flexible breaks.
• Incorporates current fees and regulations.
• Downloads and merges results.
• Archives data making a candidate exam history for reports, references and assessments.
Analyses entries/results by subject, staff, grade, classes of pass, average mark etc.
• Prepares fees list for charging candidates.
• Caters for Special Visits, external/private entries.
• Updated version always available from web site.
help file plus immediate e-mail/telephone support .


The software needs a PC running Windows 95 or later. Built into the current program are the 2015 UK fees, dates and Regulations so far as they affect entries. For example, all current instrument codes are available together with the limited grades offered where appropriate. Included are dummy candidate data so that you can explore the program without risking real data.

You can download the program as a free demonstration though the printing is disabled.  However, it will show you all the other functions. 

The file will download and occupy
C:\program files\AB Exams 2015 unless you choose otherwise. The demo version can be converted to fully-working by contacting the author (see right panel). You will need to quote a number shown which uniquely identifies the computer on which the program is installed. I will send by phone or email a counter-number which enables all functions.

At any time you can download the latest version and use it fully without enabling again, as long as the same computer and folder (directory) are used. Existing data will be safe. 

Revised 24-Jan-2015

The software is produced in three-year cycles and updated each year, or more frequently if necessary. The latest version will always be available here.

One payment of £65 covers use of the software and support for two years (2015 to 2016) - less than one Grade 1 entry each year.

It's unlikely I'll be supplying this software after the end of 2016. Most entries are now made via the AB web site. I will continue to support and provide updates until the end of the current three year cycle (December 2016).

Download free 2015 version

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I think you'll find the program extremely useful, especially with the enhanced features complementing the Board's on-line entry system. There are many devoted users in schools and county music centres/trusts all over the UK. Many of the additions are a result of their suggestions.

Why not try the free download and see what it can do? You've nothing to lose except boring paperwork!